Friday, September 11, 2009

Days we never forget

i only remember one thing : the silence... the silence which comes after the sudden disappearance of human activity.

it was a warm fall morning, kids were back in school and the lightheartedness of summer has vanished. but the usually busy wide streets were desolate, empty, quiet. big blue fresno sky above us, also empty, quiet, planeless, with only a few daring birds to break the eerie peace.

the rest - what i will never forget - is the loud stream of news flashes, starting at 7 am, california time.
i’m not really sure of what i saw but i’m sure of what happened.
the phone rang; it was our good friend veron on the line, asking if we'd seen cnn. we didn’t have cnn anymore, only french satelite TV, as we were preparing to move to france. but the horror proved to be the same.
there i stood, in the living room, mouth open, eyes filling up with tears as the second tower fell.

we got dressed, no shower, and drove over to veron’s. spent the morning watching cnn. the phone didn’t stop ringing as everybody wanted to know where everybody esle was. safe hopefully. i finally called in to my job, telling my supervisor i wasn’t going to be in. i was shocked to find out some people had gone in. nothing got done anyways, as i learned later, for everyone was glued to the TV.

and still, outside, the deep frightening silence of doom. in our hearts, a sickness that would never leave, in our minds, a fear that would never die, in our eyes, the flames, the planes, the dust, the dead, the tears.

i will never forget that warm Tuesday morning of september, that morning when America saw the world as it truly is.

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