Monday, June 21, 2010

why i love the internet

this is gonna be a recurring theme, i think. hmm, why i love the internet? because it's full of crazy things like an old chest in the attic, fruitcake ideas, beautiful images, politics, distrubing music, ads, news, more or less true, more ads, sports, dumbass videos, cooking recipes, and, my all-time favorite, blogs.

i had a few minutes to kill at work so i decided to press the 'next blog' button on my own blog. oh boy, oh boy... mexican alternative music, a small town sports team, the fluffly and very pink diary of a cyber princess, something about soccer rules and the difference between them in israel and palestine (sarcastic, obviously), art, art and more art, and more mexican alternative music and this, the best, so here's a plug, my freind, free of charge: habermas...
yeah, freakin' habermas. i haven't seen that name in print since i left harvard. oh, and let's talk about derrida and foucault, while we're at it. sure, why not? i still got a few more minutes to kill. well good, because my new best friend here also has a foucault blog.

right on, modernity rules, man.

ah, you gotta love the internet. how refreshing!

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